Appetite for Decoration


I have an APPETITE for DECORATION. And not just that, I'm most interested in curating, celebrating and communicating STATEMENT MAKING + SUSTAINABLE STYLE.

LOVE YOUR MOTHER is an online RETAIL SALON that honours MOTHER EARTH and our very own Mummas. The Mother figures, the women in our lives that give birth to great ideas. All the ladies, that have changed it up.

Not just for Mother’s Day, we are devout in our celebration of the sustainable. All day, every day.

This first in a series of online retail salons, bound by the now and until sold out, LOVE YOUR MOTHER offers up ONE-OFF pieces, LIMITED EDITION runs and CUSTOM COOLS just for us. 

We are EXCITED about our COMMUNITY of ARTISANS and DESIGNERS from around the GLOBE who CREATE accoutrement for RITUAL with their very own hands. ENJOY. 

Bettina xx